Instagram Update.

During Sun •n• Fun 2018 our follower count has exceeded 6000! Although we could not make a visit to Lakeland this year, we will assuredly be there for 2019! Please follow our Instagram profile for […]

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The Right Decision Can Save Your Life.

Leave Your Ego On The Ramp. We have said it hundreds, if not thousands of times. Judgement is the single best tool a pilot can have in their flight bag. When you are in the […]

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Mrs. Claus Could Be The Most Famous Pilot This Year…

We absolutely adore this ad, and it is inspirational in many more ways than one.  We will very simply state… This, is one amazing Christmas Ad. Don’t forget to follow our Instagram page which can […]

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Christina Kurth, Embraer Mechanical Design Engineer (Flying Magazine)

Initially we thought the project should focus on pilots only; actual female aviators. We are still in the infancy of the project and have realized that there are so many influential women in aviation that […]

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“Undetermined Reasons” By Elan Head.

Since the first day I took to the air there have been certain principles drilled into my head. Among the most important things you can embrace as a pilot are just that, principles. Not facts, […]

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Help Support The Project

Our Mission: The project aims to highlight the contemporary female in aviation, while also promoting the future of women in aviation by telling the individual stories of the women paving the way for others to […]

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Our Hashtags (And Hashtags We Use)

#raisethe6% Raisethe6% is our most important hashtag and the ethos of our entire project. Only 6% of all aviators are women, and the Aviatrix Life project aims to change that number by illuminating the glamours […]

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If you have landed here, we assume you are truly in love with aviation. We would like to apologize for the lack of structure the site has at the moment, but it is very new. […]

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