Christina Kurth, Embraer Mechanical Design Engineer (Flying Magazine)

Initially we thought the project should focus on pilots only; actual female aviators. We are still in the infancy of the project and have realized that there are so many influential women in aviation that limiting the field of who we talk to, or talk about would be just silly. Christina Kurth of Embrarer is someone of accomplishment in aviation. It is important to know that with any career field, you can surround yourself with what you love in more than one way.

Christina Kurth, Embraer Mechanical Design… by flyingmag


This video interview about Christina was originally taken from Flying Magazine.

From childhood, Christina Kurth realized her goal of working in the aviation industry. She studied and worked hard, and now has her dream job as a mechanical design engineer for Embraer where she works on executive jets, like the Legacy 450.
Hear about her journey and see how getting involved in extracurricular activities helped her achieve her aviation career.

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