Our Hashtags (And Hashtags We Use)



Raisethe6% is our most important hashtag and the ethos of our entire project. Only 6% of all aviators are women, and the Aviatrix Life project aims to change that number by illuminating the glamours life that is aviation.


The 6% tag is a way to stamp a place in time and declare you are one of the few that chose a life in the air. One of those that chose to chase their dreams and make every fleeting moment staring at the sky a reality.


#aviatrixredefined is entirely about redefining the perceptions the world has about what it means to be a female aviator.

#femalepilot, #womanpilot, #womenwhofly, #girlsthatfly

These tags all pertain to women in aviation specifically and have been used since the beginning of social media.

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