The Aviatrix Life hats, T-Shirts and Hoodies are quickly becoming very popular. If you would like to pick up one or more simply follow the link to the Limitless Aviation store until such time as the shopping cart here is active.

Shop Aviatrix Life Swag (Or donate for Swag)

We have set up a “Kickstarter” type of system for those that would like to help fund the project. We must apologize for the delay in production, as we build capital we will have them produced.

All projects need help for their completion, and the Aviatrix life project is a huge undertaking. We will be constructing an official crowd funding campaign, but in the meantime we wanted to set up this portal for those that would like to help. Every donation will receive a thank you gift, and you will be immortalized in the book itself. If you have come across this without seeing the site, please visit aviatrixlife.com and review the mission statement.

••$25.00 Sticker pack
••$50.00 T-shirt of your choice
••$100.00 T-shirt of your choice and sticker pack
••$250.00 Hooded Sweatshirt and T-shirt of your choice
••$500.00 Hooded Sweatshirt, Two T-shirts, stickers
••$1000.00 Copy of the book, and everything from the $500 donation level.
••Above $1000.00 One hour flight lesson, copy of the book, Sweatshirt, Two T-shirts, stickers.

Any in-between donations will receive the package for the nearest amount below their donation. *** Production takes time, any gifts will ship when the product has been completed and supply is available. Books will not ship until printing, after the projects completion.

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